1. Many places have I traveled. Many meals did I share, and many lives did I touch upon, if only for a day. Many allies, and many enemies, did I collect, and many tales could I tell of their bravery, or their betrayal.

    I try not to cast judgment. I try to remember that in most cases, even those who would do me harm had good intentions, or had families to support, duties to honor. Surely most had friends, brethren, loved ones … who perhaps do not even know of their passing.

    All of us fight, and eventually all of us will cease fighting, willingly or not. New leaders with new ideas may lead us to an era with fewer among us rushing headlong into bloody battles. Mayhap there will come a time when I may spend more than a day with a new ally, and collect instead, a new companion.

    To those I missed such an opportunity with, to those I had to bury or to burn, I kneel, and silently vow that when the time is right, to lay down my weapon in memory of you.


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